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추석 (Chuseok) - Korean Thanksgiving Day

Chuseok is one of the most important holiday in Korea.

It is celebrated on 15th day of the 8th month (lunar calendar). On Chuseok Koreans visit their parents and  give thanks to their ancestors for the abundant harvest.  

 On the morning of Chuseok, Koreans  present newly harvested rice, rice wine and Songpyeon to their ancestral altars. 

There are some rules how to organize ritual table on Chuseok holiday.
  - Direct the ritual table to the north.  -  There is a certain order how to serve dishes:  rice and soup come first. Then, arrange food in the order of quality and price from the perspective of the past. The most expensive and fine dishes are to be put closer to ancestors. Cheap fruits and vegetables are served in the front row, the next are seasoned vegetables and fried dishes.  The last row is for  boiled food.
Meat must be placed on the right (west) of the souls of ancestors and fish on the left (east) because meat is more expensive than fish. Similarly fish should be put with the tail on the right and the head on the left because the tail is the better part to eat.
Among fruit, red ones should be put in the east and white ones in the west. It is also worth remembering to place jujubes, chestnuts, persimmons, and pears in that order from left.
 -  The number of food should be odd.
 - All food offered on a ritual table should be in odd numbers.
 - Pepper and garlic should be avoided.

Songpyeon is a half-moon shaped rice cake.
It's representative food for this holiday. Songpyeon cakes contain different kinds of sweet or semi-sweet fillings, such as sesame seeds and honey, sweet red bean paste, (azuki) and chestnut paste steamed over a layer of pine needles, which gives them the fragrant smell of fresh pine trees.
There is a belief that the person who makes the most beautiful songpyeon will meet a good-looking spouse (if they are single) or give birth to a beautiful daughter (if they are married or pregnant)~

If you wanna try to make a songpyeon yourself, click here


Traditional Korean clothes  - hanbok - is still used when celebrating Chuseok.
celebrities wearing hanbok

 Chuseok is very important holiday because all family gather together and celebrate. For this reason it is said that it's extremely difficult to buy a ticket on a train or bus)
Chuseok dance

A day of Chuseok is an official day-off in companies.
Happy Chuseok to everyone~

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