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New KIA car

A few days ago I check up some updates in car market. I need it for my research and it's useful for me cuz I wanna buy a car soon. In my next post I share some info about my short-list))

This September Motor Show will be held in a capital of France.
KIA will represent new model Carens.
You can see scetches of this car below:

I hope they will make sedan~
I like this Peter Schreyer's style "sharp" line that became a KIA zest. This auto designer made my KIA fav - Picanto that is supposed to be 2012 model.


Cooking experiense. 돈까스

Whwn I was in Korea I liked two dishes themost - 돈까스 (pork cutlet) and tteokpokki.
Having come back to my hometown I wanted to make it to treat my family. Cuz the taste is mmm yummi~

Actually 돈까스 is the same as very popular Russian dish but the main is sause. It is tonkasy (donkatsu) sause that makes this dish sodelisious !! So do not ignore this ingridient.

To make this you need pork, flour, eggs and bread and donkatsu sause.
It's really easy to make it~

돈까스 a la Russie ~   ;)